I want to thank everyone that have been involved in my racing this year. From people just cheering me on to my family members. I have accomplished a lot pf things I didn’t think was possible this year. Runner up on the Swedish national title. Qualified for 2 worldcups and was just outside top 80 on the rest of them. Thank you guys.

I’m on my way to Usa to spend 2months preparing for upcoming season. I also have some exciting news for next year that soon will be announced. Untill then have a good time!

Dear sponsors and friends!
I am sorry you haven’t heard from me after the World cup final in Italy and the World champs in Andorra.
The reason why is that I suffered a head injury in my third practice run at the World cup final. I decided not to race in Italy cause I have been in that seat before where my head doesn’t feel right and still try to ride so I knew how it was going to turn out. And I didn’t want to jeperdy my start at World champs 1,5 weeks later.
I had 10 days of rest just sleeping the whole day. I went to Andorra with a thought I might be able to race. It turned out that I couldn’t. I tried two runs but my head wasn’t there and in some sections I didn’t really catch up where I were. So I sat out worlds too and had hope the head would become better in a couple of days but I was wrong again. I took me around two months to heal up proper after my crash. I have been to the doctor and the doctor just told me to rest and start to live a normal life day by day. But the reason why it took so long was the stress at world champs that cause me to be away longer than thought.
Hope you understand the situation, I wanted to let you know as soon as possible but it has been a couple of hard weeks with no tv, phone or computer. It’s just the last 2weeks I got back in training again

Worldcup #5 was held in Windham USA.
The track looked good on trackwalk, dusty and fast. A few changes had been done but the track still looked like last year, straight forward. No problem to go fast but in order to go really fast you had to risk it. 
Was a bit terrefied first run On Thursday. The track is so unusual to everything I ever ridden with the dust and the rocks underneath. was just slipping around trying to find grip. After a few couple of runs it changed though. It got fun riding and I didn’t need to ride on survival mode. Had a really good time once I figure it out how to ride the dust.
Practice friday morning before qualifying went really well. I knew where I wanted to go so I had a good time slaying turns hanging of the bike. To the qualifying I was nervous. Everyone had been talking about how hard it is to qualify in Windham since the track is short. But I put my mind in right place for quali and the only thing I wanted was to have a good time and finish the race. I had a good time and a good run that placed me in 67th position good enough to make it to the final. I was so happy making it.
The track was beat up saturday morning, big holes and rocks pointing out everywhere. But it was fun riding and I had the mentality of just enjoying myself in practice since I made it to the final and that was my goal. Up on the start I didn’t feel nervous at all, I felt it was going to be fun riding but the racing fire was kind of off. I realized afterwards that I had put so much effort just qualifying and have it as a goal that the body and head didn’t really know what to want or what to do in the final. I had a good run but as I said my mind didn’t know what to want. But I was satisfied with the way I rode and had a big smiley coming down. I ended 67th. When everything was seattled I was happy with the weekend just qualifying but a bit bummed not know how to attack the final. But you learn as long as you live and now I know something I didn’t knew yestarday.

Once again it was race time in Mt-Sainte Anne Canada. Trackwalk Wendesday afternoon and it had a few changes. This race have always been a turning point for me and I like the track so I could barely wait to ride. 
felt a bit clumsy first run thursday morning, I always do first run. Went straight back up for a second lap. After 300m I saw a pile of big rocks comming towards me and my only thought before hitting the ground was this is going to hurt a lot. It did. I rolled over and landed on my back and just beside the protection the rock hit me. I couldn’t get back up. It hurt so much. Had to go to the hospital to get checked out and missed the whole practice. I was lucky this time. Nothing broken just muscle and nerve damage. Nothing that couldn’t get better by the days. The doctor said I could race if could get up on the bike and ride. 
Friday was a tough day. I felt since I traveled so far I had to ride so I did. Had 3 practice runs in and I was happy riding and had a relly good time but afterwards a walked like an old man. But as long it was good on the bike I rode. 
Going up to the quali I had peace in my mind. I was relaxed and after the crash I just wanted to get down and have a good time. That’s what I did. I let the body do what it has be trained to do. Had a really good run with just a small mistake. When it was around 1.5min left I jump a thing and a big rock that hadn’t been there before was laying in the landing. I took it with the pedal and bended the axel a lot. That made it really hard to pedal the last bit of the race. Crossed the finish line and the waiting to see if I qualified or not was even harder then the actual race. When everything was settled I ended up in 83rd 0.6 of to qualify. I was bummed being that close but in the end I was just happy riding and I know that the momentum is there for the last 3 races of the year. 

it was finally time for the Swedish Champs this pats weekend, the one race I wanted the most out of the whole season. 
Had a good practice on Saturday deciding whether to ride my enduro or downhill bike, since the track was quite flat. After doing 4 time runs on the 1min 50sec long track I made my mind going with the downhill bike. 
Due a small starting field both qualifying and Final were on sunday.
I felt calm sunday morning, was a bit tired since I had hard time going to sleep but excited enough to make it up and feel ready to race. It rained a lot Saturday evening and the whole sunday making the track to a mud race. The upper bit was no problem being hard packed but towards the end it was hard to keep momentum in the mud. I therefore decided to do a last minute call going on mudtires last practice run. 
I made an ok quali ending up in third position seven sec back. I hadn’t pushed it to hard. I just rode the way I felt was a ok pace to be comfortable enough for the Final.  
Going in to the final I was nervous. This was the race I wanted more than anything. I had a good final run just making one mistake but otherwise I couldn’t have done much better. I rode a high level pace but steady enough to don’t get out of control. I ended up in second place one sec after Robin Wallner my old teammate and mentor on the time of 1min 44sec. 
I was bummed to miss out on the jersey and I was everything then happy. But now one day after I’m feeling satisfied. I would say it’s not bad being second on my first attempt on the title in the elite. This makes me even more eager for next season, chasing the dream of wearing that yellow and blue sleeve on the Worldcup. 

World cup round number four took place in Lenzerheide Switzerland. A new venue for this year and the track was exciting. It was dusty and wide open from start to bottom, not too technical and the struggle with the track was to keep it fast all the time and being hydrated cause it was above 30 degress all wekeend. 

I was excited after trackwalk and the first day of practice went great. Had six runs in where I picked up speed run by run. The difference from this race compared to the other was that I had fun all the time. I’ve felt that there has been a part missing lately and I finally found it and now it’s always fun to ride. I was even so stoked on Thursday evening that I could’t wait to go out and ride again! 


I did two runs Friday morning. I was able to get to ride with Connor Feraon and Bernard Kerr (They are both sitting in top twenty in the worldcup overall.) It helped me a lot to see where I lost time towards them and I just had a good time slapping turns. 

I was ready for the quali and I felt so happy to just being able to ride and that I found the fun of riding. My run went well. There is nothing that I could have done better at that moment. No big mistakes. But it wasn’t enough to qualify and I ended 93rd. I was so bummed out missing the final I had to hide from everyone and cry it out in the woods. Once everything settled I’m happy with my race and I feel that my time is coming. 

Please go in and watch the team video for this weekend http://www.pinkbike.com/video/414283/

Next race up is Swedish Champs the last weekend in July! Until then have good time!   


Third Round of the Downhill world cup was held in Leogang Austria this weekend. They had done big changes to the track compared to previous years and it got way better, more technical and more downhill instead of a bike park as it used to be.
I Had a big crash midway in my second run Saturday morning, Where I landed straight on my head. The medical didn’t allowed me to ride, because of pain in my neck. They decided to send me for a x-ray. Luckily it showed nothing but I had compressed my neck a bit so it was sore and stiff. Came back just in time for the quali and I made the call that I could race. 

I charged hard out the gate and had an ok ride down but 15sec from the finish I got red flagged, because of a rider laying in the track. It was just to recharge, go up and redo it. Second time around I didn’t really charged as hard out the gate and instead allowed the body to find the rhythm. I crossed the line in 51st place and I was so happy cause I finally made it to the Final. It was such a relief.

Now knowing I had qualified and reached a long term goal and dream, the pressure disappeared and I could just enjoy the whole race since my goal for this time was reached and I just wanted to have good time and take next goal at the next race.

The practice on Sunday wasn’t what I expected. I push and tried to much. But I had a good talk with my team and listen to my favorite music and Was able to turned it around. I realized the only thing I had to do was to enjoy and finish the race. Came up to the start and I felt calm. I went out the gate and allowed the body to find the rhythm. The body was on autopilot and I crossed the line not knowing time or position. I was just happy I had done my first elite final. I ended up 72nd and i’m happy with that. I could have been last and still be satisfied cause my goal was to qualify and I did it and I enjoyed my race run! 

Next race up is the European Cup in Schladming this upcoming week. Till then have a good week.

Photo: Johan Hjord 

This weekend has been quite spectacular in Fort William Scotland for the third round of the Worldcup. Due bad weather/storm UCI decided to cancel practice and qualification on Saturday and have it together with the final on Sunday.

Trackwalk on Thursday went well, I found my lines quickly, knew where I wanted to go and was able to transfer them directly in to practice on Friday. I complained a bit that I had been feeling really slow all practice but once I saw film footage and how tired I got for doing a full speed run I understood that I couldn’t been going that slow. I found the state of FLOW.

Saturday was a chill day watching films, taking it easy and making everything ready for a hectic Sunday.

Did one run in the 45 minutes practice before quali. Had a massive digger where I went over the bar into a rockgarden. Luckily I came away with just a big bruce on my left thigh. But I was a bit omtumlad. Went back to the pits and recharge my mind for the quali. Felt ready when I headed up to the start and even if I hadn’t found the same flow as I had on Friday, I knew that I had been riding good. 
Went out the gate full speed, I didn’t want to leave anything one the hill. I was 54th in the first split and I was riding good, pushing it but not over pushing. I found the zone. Around three minutes down the track I hesitated a bit in the trickiest part of the track. A woodsection with a lot of roots. Because of that I had a crash, got back on the bike and 10m down the track I crashed once again. I couldn’t gain enough speed to do the landing of a drop so I just fell over. Made it down to the finishline pushing the last bit really hard and I was hard on the pedals but it wasn’t enough. Ended up 105th, that ended my dream for this time and I had to watch the race by the sideline once again.   

Now we are back on the road and this time it is from Scotland to Austria. For the third round of the Worlcup in Leogang and hopefully I can find the last missing part to make it into the final.

Photos: Nathan Hudghes

Second round of the Italian national series was held in Frabossa this weekend. I was amazed by the Italian about thier passion for racing. The track was mint and I was suprised by the standard. It was a bit over 4min long, stepp and it got really nasty braking bumps. 

I’ve worked a lot doing one thing at the time this last couple of weeks and it was my goal for this weekend to just have one thing in mind every run, transfer it and allow the body to do what I had been trained to do in the race run.
Arrived late on friday cause my teammate had som stuff taking care of at home and we missed the trackwalk. Felt a bit frustrated coming there late and not being able to have a proper preporation. But I tried to stay focused and see the situation of what it was, not for what it could have been. 

Saturdays practice was hard, didn’t really knew the track. Lucky for me it was mainly one line. It was hard to focus on one thing at the time, I managed to just thinking of learning the track and I realized that all the preporation I had done before was in the back of my head. I didn’t need to focus on how to brake once I learned the track the body did it. The qualifying didn’t go so well. Had a hard time focus on one thing cause I didn’t knew the track. I ended up crashing, clipped a three with my pedal. finished 19th 18sec behind.

Had a good sleep and I was ready to make the best of the Sunday. Had two practic runs in the morning. One to see any changes, get to know the track better and one with almost race speed. I did one thing at the time and I felt ready enough to go racing. Even If i wasn’t prepared enough I just took it for what it was and allowed the body to do what it had been trained to do. Went out from the gate into autopilot. It did everything I’ve trained. Had a good and steady run and crossed the line in 7th five sec of the win. I’m really happy with my performance cause first of all the italian guys are fast and they had been doing a lot of training there and I hadn’t. Second for not knowing the track hundred percent and not having the best preparation, I did the best of the situation and turned up when I had to.

Now we are on our way to Fort William one long trip ahead of us. I can’t do more preporation wise for this weekend but and I’m feeling really ready for the Worldcup there!