Marcus Hansson
Nick Name: Mackan
Date of Birth: April 29 1996
Height (cm): 188
Weight (kg): 79
Hometown: Vänersborg Sweden
Favorite food: I don´t know
Food I hate: Nearly eat anything
Favorite drink: Swedish Milk
Things I like: Having a good time on my bike or with my friends
Things I hate: To crash
Why do I ride: I love it so deep and it’s all I can do
What/who started racing: My brother started and I wanted to do what he did.
Weakness: Weakness I´m Marcus Hansson don´t have weaknesses.
Marital status: I have a girlfriend
Most important people in my life and career: My family
Racing since: 2007
Best part of racing: When you feel like nothing can kill you and when you find the flow
Hardest part: When you don’t find that flow
Worst moment in career: Crashing out in 2011 in the start of the season with a concussion
Best moment in career: Winning the Ixs European Downhill Cup. 2012
General career goals: Race for my living
Favourite reading: Dirtmag and Motorcross of action
Favourite music: A little bit of everyting
Best idea of having good time: A bunch of friends on a good track. Or just hanging out with my friends
Favourite place to travel to: California
Most respected mountain bike and MX riders: Robin Wallner, Dennis Dertell and Christian Craig
Favourite riding spots and courses: Hafjell and Pala Raceway(MX)
Other sports: MX, XC, Road cycling
If I not were a mountain biker or a MX rider: I would be nothing it’s all I can do