Dear sponsors and friends!
I am sorry you haven’t heard from me after the World cup final in Italy and the World champs in Andorra.
The reason why is that I suffered a head injury in my third practice run at the World cup final. I decided not to race in Italy cause I have been in that seat before where my head doesn’t feel right and still try to ride so I knew how it was going to turn out. And I didn’t want to jeperdy my start at World champs 1,5 weeks later.
I had 10 days of rest just sleeping the whole day. I went to Andorra with a thought I might be able to race. It turned out that I couldn’t. I tried two runs but my head wasn’t there and in some sections I didn’t really catch up where I were. So I sat out worlds too and had hope the head would become better in a couple of days but I was wrong again. I took me around two months to heal up proper after my crash. I have been to the doctor and the doctor just told me to rest and start to live a normal life day by day. But the reason why it took so long was the stress at world champs that cause me to be away longer than thought.
Hope you understand the situation, I wanted to let you know as soon as possible but it has been a couple of hard weeks with no tv, phone or computer. It’s just the last 2weeks I got back in training again