Worldcup #5 was held in Windham USA.
The track looked good on trackwalk, dusty and fast. A few changes had been done but the track still looked like last year, straight forward. No problem to go fast but in order to go really fast you had to risk it. 
Was a bit terrefied first run On Thursday. The track is so unusual to everything I ever ridden with the dust and the rocks underneath. was just slipping around trying to find grip. After a few couple of runs it changed though. It got fun riding and I didn’t need to ride on survival mode. Had a really good time once I figure it out how to ride the dust.
Practice friday morning before qualifying went really well. I knew where I wanted to go so I had a good time slaying turns hanging of the bike. To the qualifying I was nervous. Everyone had been talking about how hard it is to qualify in Windham since the track is short. But I put my mind in right place for quali and the only thing I wanted was to have a good time and finish the race. I had a good time and a good run that placed me in 67th position good enough to make it to the final. I was so happy making it.
The track was beat up saturday morning, big holes and rocks pointing out everywhere. But it was fun riding and I had the mentality of just enjoying myself in practice since I made it to the final and that was my goal. Up on the start I didn’t feel nervous at all, I felt it was going to be fun riding but the racing fire was kind of off. I realized afterwards that I had put so much effort just qualifying and have it as a goal that the body and head didn’t really know what to want or what to do in the final. I had a good run but as I said my mind didn’t know what to want. But I was satisfied with the way I rode and had a big smiley coming down. I ended 67th. When everything was seattled I was happy with the weekend just qualifying but a bit bummed not know how to attack the final. But you learn as long as you live and now I know something I didn’t knew yestarday.