Once again it was race time in Mt-Sainte Anne Canada. Trackwalk Wendesday afternoon and it had a few changes. This race have always been a turning point for me and I like the track so I could barely wait to ride. 
felt a bit clumsy first run thursday morning, I always do first run. Went straight back up for a second lap. After 300m I saw a pile of big rocks comming towards me and my only thought before hitting the ground was this is going to hurt a lot. It did. I rolled over and landed on my back and just beside the protection the rock hit me. I couldn’t get back up. It hurt so much. Had to go to the hospital to get checked out and missed the whole practice. I was lucky this time. Nothing broken just muscle and nerve damage. Nothing that couldn’t get better by the days. The doctor said I could race if could get up on the bike and ride. 
Friday was a tough day. I felt since I traveled so far I had to ride so I did. Had 3 practice runs in and I was happy riding and had a relly good time but afterwards a walked like an old man. But as long it was good on the bike I rode. 
Going up to the quali I had peace in my mind. I was relaxed and after the crash I just wanted to get down and have a good time. That’s what I did. I let the body do what it has be trained to do. Had a really good run with just a small mistake. When it was around 1.5min left I jump a thing and a big rock that hadn’t been there before was laying in the landing. I took it with the pedal and bended the axel a lot. That made it really hard to pedal the last bit of the race. Crossed the finish line and the waiting to see if I qualified or not was even harder then the actual race. When everything was settled I ended up in 83rd 0.6 of to qualify. I was bummed being that close but in the end I was just happy riding and I know that the momentum is there for the last 3 races of the year.