it was finally time for the Swedish Champs this pats weekend, the one race I wanted the most out of the whole season. 
Had a good practice on Saturday deciding whether to ride my enduro or downhill bike, since the track was quite flat. After doing 4 time runs on the 1min 50sec long track I made my mind going with the downhill bike. 
Due a small starting field both qualifying and Final were on sunday.
I felt calm sunday morning, was a bit tired since I had hard time going to sleep but excited enough to make it up and feel ready to race. It rained a lot Saturday evening and the whole sunday making the track to a mud race. The upper bit was no problem being hard packed but towards the end it was hard to keep momentum in the mud. I therefore decided to do a last minute call going on mudtires last practice run. 
I made an ok quali ending up in third position seven sec back. I hadn’t pushed it to hard. I just rode the way I felt was a ok pace to be comfortable enough for the Final.  
Going in to the final I was nervous. This was the race I wanted more than anything. I had a good final run just making one mistake but otherwise I couldn’t have done much better. I rode a high level pace but steady enough to don’t get out of control. I ended up in second place one sec after Robin Wallner my old teammate and mentor on the time of 1min 44sec. 
I was bummed to miss out on the jersey and I was everything then happy. But now one day after I’m feeling satisfied. I would say it’s not bad being second on my first attempt on the title in the elite. This makes me even more eager for next season, chasing the dream of wearing that yellow and blue sleeve on the Worldcup.