World cup round number four took place in Lenzerheide Switzerland. A new venue for this year and the track was exciting. It was dusty and wide open from start to bottom, not too technical and the struggle with the track was to keep it fast all the time and being hydrated cause it was above 30 degress all wekeend. 

I was excited after trackwalk and the first day of practice went great. Had six runs in where I picked up speed run by run. The difference from this race compared to the other was that I had fun all the time. I’ve felt that there has been a part missing lately and I finally found it and now it’s always fun to ride. I was even so stoked on Thursday evening that I could’t wait to go out and ride again! 


I did two runs Friday morning. I was able to get to ride with Connor Feraon and Bernard Kerr (They are both sitting in top twenty in the worldcup overall.) It helped me a lot to see where I lost time towards them and I just had a good time slapping turns. 

I was ready for the quali and I felt so happy to just being able to ride and that I found the fun of riding. My run went well. There is nothing that I could have done better at that moment. No big mistakes. But it wasn’t enough to qualify and I ended 93rd. I was so bummed out missing the final I had to hide from everyone and cry it out in the woods. Once everything settled I’m happy with my race and I feel that my time is coming. 

Please go in and watch the team video for this weekend

Next race up is Swedish Champs the last weekend in July! Until then have good time!