This weekend has been quite spectacular in Fort William Scotland for the third round of the Worldcup. Due bad weather/storm UCI decided to cancel practice and qualification on Saturday and have it together with the final on Sunday.

Trackwalk on Thursday went well, I found my lines quickly, knew where I wanted to go and was able to transfer them directly in to practice on Friday. I complained a bit that I had been feeling really slow all practice but once I saw film footage and how tired I got for doing a full speed run I understood that I couldn’t been going that slow. I found the state of FLOW.

Saturday was a chill day watching films, taking it easy and making everything ready for a hectic Sunday.

Did one run in the 45 minutes practice before quali. Had a massive digger where I went over the bar into a rockgarden. Luckily I came away with just a big bruce on my left thigh. But I was a bit omtumlad. Went back to the pits and recharge my mind for the quali. Felt ready when I headed up to the start and even if I hadn’t found the same flow as I had on Friday, I knew that I had been riding good. 
Went out the gate full speed, I didn’t want to leave anything one the hill. I was 54th in the first split and I was riding good, pushing it but not over pushing. I found the zone. Around three minutes down the track I hesitated a bit in the trickiest part of the track. A woodsection with a lot of roots. Because of that I had a crash, got back on the bike and 10m down the track I crashed once again. I couldn’t gain enough speed to do the landing of a drop so I just fell over. Made it down to the finishline pushing the last bit really hard and I was hard on the pedals but it wasn’t enough. Ended up 105th, that ended my dream for this time and I had to watch the race by the sideline once again.   

Now we are back on the road and this time it is from Scotland to Austria. For the third round of the Worlcup in Leogang and hopefully I can find the last missing part to make it into the final.

Photos: Nathan Hudghes