Third Round of the Downhill world cup was held in Leogang Austria this weekend. They had done big changes to the track compared to previous years and it got way better, more technical and more downhill instead of a bike park as it used to be.
I Had a big crash midway in my second run Saturday morning, Where I landed straight on my head. The medical didn’t allowed me to ride, because of pain in my neck. They decided to send me for a x-ray. Luckily it showed nothing but I had compressed my neck a bit so it was sore and stiff. Came back just in time for the quali and I made the call that I could race. 

I charged hard out the gate and had an ok ride down but 15sec from the finish I got red flagged, because of a rider laying in the track. It was just to recharge, go up and redo it. Second time around I didn’t really charged as hard out the gate and instead allowed the body to find the rhythm. I crossed the line in 51st place and I was so happy cause I finally made it to the Final. It was such a relief.

Now knowing I had qualified and reached a long term goal and dream, the pressure disappeared and I could just enjoy the whole race since my goal for this time was reached and I just wanted to have good time and take next goal at the next race.

The practice on Sunday wasn’t what I expected. I push and tried to much. But I had a good talk with my team and listen to my favorite music and Was able to turned it around. I realized the only thing I had to do was to enjoy and finish the race. Came up to the start and I felt calm. I went out the gate and allowed the body to find the rhythm. The body was on autopilot and I crossed the line not knowing time or position. I was just happy I had done my first elite final. I ended up 72nd and i’m happy with that. I could have been last and still be satisfied cause my goal was to qualify and I did it and I enjoyed my race run! 

Next race up is the European Cup in Schladming this upcoming week. Till then have a good week.

Photo: Johan Hjord