Second round of the Italian national series was held in Frabossa this weekend. I was amazed by the Italian about thier passion for racing. The track was mint and I was suprised by the standard. It was a bit over 4min long, stepp and it got really nasty braking bumps. 

I’ve worked a lot doing one thing at the time this last couple of weeks and it was my goal for this weekend to just have one thing in mind every run, transfer it and allow the body to do what I had been trained to do in the race run.
Arrived late on friday cause my teammate had som stuff taking care of at home and we missed the trackwalk. Felt a bit frustrated coming there late and not being able to have a proper preporation. But I tried to stay focused and see the situation of what it was, not for what it could have been. 

Saturdays practice was hard, didn’t really knew the track. Lucky for me it was mainly one line. It was hard to focus on one thing at the time, I managed to just thinking of learning the track and I realized that all the preporation I had done before was in the back of my head. I didn’t need to focus on how to brake once I learned the track the body did it. The qualifying didn’t go so well. Had a hard time focus on one thing cause I didn’t knew the track. I ended up crashing, clipped a three with my pedal. finished 19th 18sec behind.

Had a good sleep and I was ready to make the best of the Sunday. Had two practic runs in the morning. One to see any changes, get to know the track better and one with almost race speed. I did one thing at the time and I felt ready enough to go racing. Even If i wasn’t prepared enough I just took it for what it was and allowed the body to do what it had been trained to do. Went out from the gate into autopilot. It did everything I’ve trained. Had a good and steady run and crossed the line in 7th five sec of the win. I’m really happy with my performance cause first of all the italian guys are fast and they had been doing a lot of training there and I hadn’t. Second for not knowing the track hundred percent and not having the best preparation, I did the best of the situation and turned up when I had to.

Now we are on our way to Fort William one long trip ahead of us. I can’t do more preporation wise for this weekend but and I’m feeling really ready for the Worldcup there!